Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Last night I decided to run the make up 5 miles from Sunday. I have two weeks until my next 10K and I haven't ran 6 miles in a while, so I felt like I needed to fit this run in.  My schedule had me doing a long slow run, so that is what I did.  It felt good, I started working on my form a little bit and realized I really need to read up on that. My husband has mentioned that to me before and I think now is as good as time as any to work on that.

Have you worked on changing your running form before? Have any good links to share?

On my schedule tonight is Kickboxing, but I think I am going to switch it with a shorter run as I just don't feel like going tonight. I feel like I have to much stuff to get done during the daylight hours. I can hit the treadmill after I put the little one to bed tonight. Sometimes just figuring out when to workout stresses me out.  I need to get on a better schedule where the workout is just part of my daily life.
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  1. I haven't changed my form except increased my strides per minute. You might want to check out rustbeltrunner.com - and ask her - she's done some serious work on her form in the last year. Just a suggestion. Good luck with your upcoming 10K - I think that's going to be focus distance in 2012. Also, I wanted to thank you for the smart coach info - girl, that's just plain awesome!!!!