Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Run Its Got Me

Last night the goal was to get a 4 mile run in and that didn't happen! Instead I laid down with my daughter when I was putting her to bed and feel asleep. I figured my husband would wake me when he was off his conference call. He might have tried, but I woke up around 9PM, went and made lunches for today and went back to bed.  While I am frustrated that I missed the run, it must not have bothered me that much as I didn't get up this morning to run.  I will just shift my schedule and run tonight instead of going to Spin Class.

I need to make a play list for my 10K this weekend. Do you have a power song? A favorite artist  you listen to? Or do you run without music? I have done a couple of runs without music, but I am thinking Sunday I am going to need the extra motivation that music brings.


  1. Hi Jen! I wrote a post just about this same thing (music) here

    Lose Yourself, by Eminem is TOTALLY my power song. The beat and the lyrics totally speak to me. I hope you'll write a post with a list of the playlist that you end up creating!

  2. @ Kerry - Thanks! I will check out your list.

    I will if I remember I will make out of the list I create. :)

  3. I'm interested in seeing what songs people recommend. I'm not really a music fan, but I have learned through solo runs this summer, it has a lot of value! Good luck on your 10K!!!! Oh, and rest is healthy. If you fell right asleep then I'd say your body needed some additional rest!

  4. Your body obviously needed the rest but I do want to give you the advice to get serious about your running if you want to run a half in November. It feels like I'm reading about runs that don't happen or when you call it quits early. That's okay if it happens now and then.

    I always run with music, without it is boring. I have a special page on my blog with what's on my Ipod. I love Glee songs and also Lady Gaga, especially Born this way and The Edge of Glory.

    Good luck Saturday.

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