Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Open Letter to Lady in kickboxing class

Dear Lady in Kickboxing Class,

I want to give you mad props for getting out and joining our class. I am usually not one to worry about others in the class, but the entire class I had the risk of seeing your pikachu. I am glad that you have self confidence to wear those very short shorts to class, but please think again before wearing them to this class.

They started as what I like to call as booty shorts and by the end of the class it looked like you had on a bikini bottom.  The entire class I wanted to quote friends and say "Hey buddy, this is a family place. Put the mouse back in the house."

All I ask is next time think about the activities you will be performing before selecting your workout gear.  Lets work together to keep the class pikachu free.

Thanks you,

Girl drowning in sweat

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  1. Oh my... yes, I guess it's nice to be that comfortable with yourself... but not everyone else is that comfortable with, um... yourself.

    Hope you had a good class anyway!

  2. LoL! I really hope she sees this post :)

    Also, props on the FRIENDS reference. I. Love. FRIENDS!

  3. ha ha, this made me laugh out loud!! I hope she takes notes tonight.

  4. How horribly, awfully funny. I hope she gets her apparel figured out.

  5. There's always one, it seems like.

    It's kind of like the girls who wear too-short skirts TO CLASS (usually sans-panties) or the super-low jeans with either grannie panties or thongs sticking out the top. lol

  6. Wow that is quite an inappropriate choice of workout wear, save that for the privacy of your home. Ugh Some people have no class!

  7. I agree, save that attire for home workouts!! Some people are very comfortable with themselves and don't think. Too funny but also gross!

  8. LOL....I read this at work...and I am laughing so hard people are looking at me :)

  9. I had the same experience in my kickboxing class yesterday and there were more than one of those people. I don't care what people wear but they should be mindful of the moves they will be doing and how things fit or dont fit.