Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last bit of Sunshine

I had planned to run while we were away. I packed everything figured I could get up early before the sun came out in full force but it never happened.  I did get in some swimming, tubing, cliff jumping and mini golf!

We went to SunBanks Lake Resort in Eastern, WA. I live on the wrong side of the mountain range in Washington as they have sun, and well we have....the 60s as in 60s degree's all the time. Where was I, oh yea Banks Lake and sunshine! We arrived Friday with the knowledge that they lake was going through a Draw Down, meaning the drain water in order to do repairs. Banks Lake is actually a reservoir that was created when the Grand Coulee Dam was built. (A note for anyone wanting to visit the Grand Coulee Dam, don't stay for the laser show it is not as "cool" as everyone says, we left early because my 4 year old was over it.)

We were promised by the resort that even though the draw down was taking place there were beautiful beaches still....hmmmm not so much. If you count that you had to walk through 20 yards of yuck then maybe so. Either way we the husband and his friend scouted out a nice beach up river that we went to each day. That with a small swim across a channel allowed for some cliff jumping.  We had a great time, but will not go back to SunBanks Lake Resort again because they had terrible customer service....terrible.

A few photos from our trip: 

Doing shadow poses
Impact of the Draw Down...the water was supposed to be where I was.
We could only use the last few slips for our Seadoo.

View from our deck to the left

View straight out
View to the right

Me and my mini me

It was a great time and what I needed to say good bye to summer. Oh summer how I will miss thee, I am still hoping that it will stay warm into September, but I am not getting my hopes up.   Now the fun starts training, well 'offical training' for my second half marathon.


  1. I always count swimming as my workout when I'm on vacation..even if its more like bobbing up and down trying to keep the toddler from drowning. Your vacation spot looks gorgeous! This time of year makes me sad...I love summer SO much!

  2. It's so pretty there!

    But, yeah, if a 4 year old is bored with a laser show, it has to be pretty sub-par.