Monday, August 1, 2011

July Recap

How the heck is it already August. August is one of my favorite months in Washington as usually it is beautiful and sunny. When everyone else is getting sick of summer it finally starts to hit us Washington residents. A special thanks to Mother Nature for welcoming us into Washington with the sun shinning this morning. 

For July, I thought I did pretty good on my goals:
- Start Kickboxing using the Living Social Coupon I picked up   Done, I am going 2x a week and loving it.
- Attend 4 Spin Classes - Fail! I didn't make it to one class
- Run my hill 2x a week - Done
- Start push up challenge again, with 'real' push ups - Started, but then cancelled as we do a lot of push ups in the kickboxing class
- Run 9 miles a week in any combination of runs - hmm, I worked up to getting in the mileage
- Run the See Jane Run 5K in under 39 minutes - Done and with a PR
- Register for the Amica Seattle Half Marathon - Done
- Lose a few lbs - ehh...

Here are the goals for August:
- 2 kick boxing class a week
- Go hiking with the kiddo 1x
- Attend 2 Spin Classes
- Run my hill 4x this month
- Run 11 miles a week in any combination of runs
- Evaluate my level at the end of the month and maybe register for a half in September
- Lose a few lbs
- Run a 10K     

The list of things I want to accomplish this month is large, but I think with a little planning I can make it work.  I think the hardest things for me to accomplish is going to be making it to Spin Class, I am going to have to get creative for that one.

Do you set monthly goals? Does it help you accomplish more when you have a list of goals to work towards?



  1. Great job with accomplishing your July goals. Way to go. So excited that you got your PR - that's awesome.
    Good luck with August's goals. There are several, but I know you can do it!!!

    As for me, I have a training plan and that serves as my only written goals for the month.

  2. A running plan is the only goal I set for any time period. I think I would just stress myself out if I set too many goals. Great job on meeting yours!!

  3. I think you did great in July. Congratulations!

    I stopped setting goals for the month a few months ago. Like Jen the only goal I have in a month is my running plan.

  4. Good month! Sign up for my Spin Challenge in August... hopefully it will give you a little extra motivation to hit class if there's prizes on the line!