Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I took the challenge

Run with Jess challenged the bloggyland to get out there and Spin during the month of August.  My goal was to reach the SPINSTAR level and attend 6 classes in the month of August.

What I actually accomplished was 4 classes as of this morning. Even though I didn't met the goal I set out to reach I did get that love of Spin class back and I am already planning on working it into my schedule more. 2 of the 4 classes I attended were morning classes before work. With a little creative planning and help from the hubs I hope to continue to attend the Wednesday morning 5:30AM class. If I could just talk my gym into moving it to 5AM it would be perfect, but since there were only 6 people in the 5:30AM class I should be happy the class that is available.

If you haven't tried Spin I would highly recommend it, this is coming from someone who has not owned a bike in years and really has no desire to own one now. :)  I was intimated for a long time but glad I finally got the courage to try it.

Are you a regular Spin-STAR? Have you tried a Spin class, if so what do you think?


  1. Nice job! I love spin class, but getting up for any class that starts around 5am is so tough!

  2. I keep meaning to try a spin class. I'm finally enjoying being on a bike. But, I don't want to go alone, and I can't pin down my trainer to go with me.

  3. I REALLY enjoy spinning. I took spin after my (first) knee injury and it was the only thing that saved me! I still got good cardio workouts in, but without the stress on my knee.

    Congrats on your spinning accomplishments!

  4. I used to teach Spin...miss it SO much but with no gym membership, no spin challenge for me :(