Sunday, August 14, 2011

Double Down Saturday

I was determined to overcome my past few workouts that were less then stellar. I challenged myself to take two class back to back.  Up first was a Spin Class at 7:30AM, my alarm went off a little before 7AM and I grabbed some breakfast before the class.

Small OJ, Almond butter and a banana

Off to class, I was not really awake and actually sat in my car for a minute thinking what the hell am I doing.

Spin class was ahhhhhmazing, I had half an hour to grab a snack and get to the next class which was at a different location. I had a protein bar and a 5 hour energy on the way to my next glass, of course washed down with more water.

The protein bar was a fail, but I ate most of it anyways. I think it was left over from a grab bag at my last race. Not a fan of the cookie dough flavor .

Post kickboxing class I was soaking wet. Something is going on with my body as I have recently started sweating 10x more then I did in the past. I also rocked the high pony tail as forgot a headband, my hair looked like a peacock a little bit.

What does a girl need after rocking an amazing workout! Pedicures with the little one. While I went with a simple blue, Evie rocked lime green and hot pink! 

Two great workouts to make up for a week of bad workouts. I think I am going to try to make this a regular Saturday morning. Of course I say that now we will have see what next Saturday brings.

Have you ever done a double workout, or brick workout? What is your favorite combo?


  1. Great job on double workouts :) ps...I am the Queen of the high ponytail :) haha

  2. I have a confession. I DON'T like Almond butter. lol

  3. @ Lisa - I don't like some of them but I love Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter - so good!

  4. Wow! Great workouts! And, I love the nails. :)