Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 Photo's Thursday

These are from my 10K on Sunday 

Active Band
Enell Sports Bra
Champion Tank
Champion Capri
RunLove Compression Socks
Achilles Brace
Asics 2150

Remembering to smile when you see the photographer always helps to make a great race photo. From having terrible ones in the past, I have learned no matter how bad you heart just put on a small. Not only does it lift your spirits for a while during the race, but it also makes your photo not look bad.  I also started making some silly faces which is also a fun way to lift your spirits as well.


  1. Great pictures. My pictures always turn out bad. I need to start looking at the photographer and smile next time. lol

  2. Great job smiling! I have been working on smiling for the photographer too! Love the socks!

  3. Great photos! I rarely remember to smile if I'm runnin g a race, I have to work on that!

  4. way to go girl....I never think they are actually taking my picture...kind of think they are taking one of the guys behind me or in front of me so I never really look at them. ;-)

  5. I love those socks!
    I never remember to smile. I'm always looking at my garmin. Blah!

  6. Awesome!!! You look amazing!!! Hardcore, strong and confident. Great job!!!