Monday, July 25, 2011

I love mail

Look what came in the mail this weekend. One for me and one for my little booger eater! Ok she doesn't eat boogers but she has gained the nickname boogie over the years for being the cutest little snot nose kid I know. :)  I ordered them and received the out of stock notice, but I still received them a lot quicker then I expected. It also helps to check the mail often as they could have been there since Thursday.

A small pink for Evie and a large green for me! 

They are cute right! The pink small is really small but does stretch over a 4 year old hand, I would not recommend this size for an adult unless your hand is the size of a 4 year old.

This morning I woke up to run and my big toe was hurting me, I noticed it when I woke up to a whining child at 12:30 but figured it was just cramped up or something. I skipped running this morning in hopes that my toe feels better later in the day. The plan calls for 4 miles and I will get them in. My goal this week is to get all of my workouts in....last week I was feeling exhausted and I am going with the theory  - working out gives you energy. I will get my workouts in. I will have more energy!

Happy Monday!


  1. I have the same pink Road ID (in adult size, of course). I love cute! And I love how you got your daughter one too! More parents should do that.

  2. What a great idea to get one for your daughter. So cute to match!

  3. I love the Road ID's - they look great! I hope your toes feels better soon and enjoy the rest of your Monday!

  4. yay! we have matching colors!

  5. I love the pretty Road ID bracelets! I got one in yellow recently and love it!