Thursday, July 28, 2011

TTT Confessions Edition

Forgive me runners for I have sinned:

  1. I don't keep my running bibs, the usually make it home and then into the garbage within a few days. I am not really a saver of many things so I don't see the value for me to keep them. I see people who make awesome books of their bibs and I think. WOW that is really cool, but what would I do with that, ugh I would have to store it. I hate storing things.
  2. I hardly ever keep the free T-Shirts, especially the tech tees. Most of the time I just don't like how the fit.  I do love the long sleeve cotton ones that they hand out a lot here in Washington. I turn them into lounge around the house shirts if they are cute. Most of the tech tees just feel thin and cheap and when I try to run on them the end up just sticking to my skin which is gross.
  3. I only have one 'good' sports bra. That means by the end of the week it is pretty ripe. I need to invest in another one and I talk about doing it all the time, but I never go out and buy one. Its hard when you need something with amazing support to keep from giving yourself black eyes when you run. I have an Enell bra now, but want to try something different but haven't found something that I love.
What are your running confessions? Any suggestions for a sports bra that keep the ladies in place?


  1. I hate storing things too and most of my race bibs are in the garbage, except my marathon ones. And I get you on the fit of the shirts. They almost never fit right. But I can't bring myself to throw them away. They become lounge shirts or just sit in my closet.
    I can't think of any major confessions. Other than I don't run with a Garmin or anything.

  2. I admire that you're a non-saver as I lean toward clutter.
    I've seen people 'give back' unwanted tech tees right at the race--seems so rude to me but really who cares? I've got more than a few of those I'll never wear too.
    I'm with you, love lounging in the cotton ones!

  3. @ Teamarcia - that does seem a little rude to give it back, but maybe they figure they will donate the extras or something.

    I shoud add that I make sure if I am not keeping a t-shirt from a race it goes in to my clothing donation bags. So hopefully someone out there is getting use of the shirt.

  4. I save everything....I am a collector of all rubbish...which I see as memories at the time...but over the years I get rid of...but boy, what a job.
    I wish I was more like you
    I collect magazine...thank goodness for the ipad as now I no longer do...but have so many piles lying around...

  5. I honestly wish they'd lower race fees & eliminate the shirts, or just an option to buy. I mean really, after the first few.... And I agree, they never fit good.

  6. I've never kept a race shirt. I hate how they all fit. I wish they'd give out race tank tops.

  7. I keep very few of my race tshirts, too. I usually don't like them. I have never kept a bib or a medal, either!! I am not a saver, I guess.

  8. I never keep my race bibs too. Usually there's a photo taken which I keep. I like that more than a race bib.

    We hardly ever get free shirts but we can buy one at big races. I never bought one either. I prefer my own shirts.

    I've got 4 running bras but to be honest I use 1 for the entire week because I'm not a heavy sweater. Can't help you with suggestions as I don't live in the US.