Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So much to say

And so little time!  We have only been home for a few hours from our long holiday weekend and I still have so much to do, like take my pictures off my camera,  but I am exhausted and decided to sit down and blog instead. We had an amazing weekend with friends that are like family.

My goal to do 30 minutes of exercise everyday was cut short on day 2. I should start with Day 1 to explain.

Friday Day 0 - After work we drove our dogs to my in laws then headed over the pass to our friends parents home in Eastern, Washington. We arrived around 9PM.

Saturday Day 1 - I was up at 6AM as the sun poured through our bedroom, as I tried to go back to sleep I started getting a headache so I decided to get up and go run. I think it was already 70 degree's at 6AM. I did a 2 mile jaunt and headed back to the house to stretch, do sit ups and then relax on the front porch with my nook. My daughter woke up at 7AM so I got very little reading in. Once the rest of the house was up we went down to the community pool for a few hours. Here I got my arm workout in lifting the children up to the side of the pool so they could jump off over and over again.  After lunch we took our Seadoo and tube out on the Columbia River for a little bit of water fun! We all came back slightly bruised. That evening my husband took the bikes out for a ride to look at some property. At the end of the night I thought this is going to be easy to get my workouts in.

Sunday Day 2 - I woke up at 7AM and could barely move my neck. I felt like I had severe whiplash. We spent most of the day at the pool and playing in the sun. In the evening the men took the Seadoo and tube back out, I decided to stay on dry land this time, which is good as my husband came back with a bloody nose.   I had no formal workout as moving my neck was near impossible.  Let just say when you can only look down it makes for a rough day.

Monday Day 3 - My neck was feeling a lot better but I was still unable to look up, even trying to rinse out my hair in the shower was extremely painful. The day was filled with 4th of July festivities which would count as a workout had I not eaten enough for 3 people! The one bad thing about us all getting together for a long weekend is we eat so good!

Tuesday Day 4 - This morning I woke up at 7:30 on the living room couch. This was because my daughter had a meltdown at 1AM, and then at 4AM was kicking me out of the Full size bed I was  sharing with her and my husband. I made it to the couch in the family room for  a few more hours of sleep until the sun woke me up. I am happy to say that as of this morning my neck feels so much better and after our 5 hour drive home I look forward to sleeping in my own bed.

Needless to say my month isn't starting out great but I have a plan to get this week back on track. Even if it means getting up for morning workouts again.  I have a 5K in 12 days and I don't feel prepared for it at all. I know many people can eat 5Ks for breakfast, but I need to get on booty in gear so that I feel confident when running it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend and I can't wait to have some time to catch up on everyone blog. I tend to unhook from the tech world when we go away, it just makes life so much easier for those few days.  I did check my email a couple of times, but other then that

Do you ever do that? Unhook for  technology?  Do you feel refreshed or nervous when you are not near your phone or computer?


  1. That's a bummer your neck gave you so much trouble, not only because you couldn't get your workouts in but it's not fun to be in pain when you are away for the weekend.

    I do unhook from time to time. I try to have at least one night on a weekday where I don't turn on the computer and do something else. At the weekends I log in just once a day to read blogs.

  2. Neck pain is no fun, sounds like the weekend was pretty fun otherwise!

  3. I am always "plugged in" I would not know what to do without my tech stuff!

  4. Come run the 5K for FUN this weekend :) It will take away the fear..

  5. It's hard, but I do try to "unhook." Sorry about your neck... I have those problems too!

  6. I do try to "unhook" when I'm on vacation. It's more relaxing for me. Hope your neck feels all better!!