Sunday, July 17, 2011

See Jane Run 5K

This morning I was up and sneaking out of my house by 6AM. I had planned to get up at 6AM, but my daughter started waking early so I quickly got up, gobbled down some oatmeal and headed out the door. Of course that was after taking a few self portraits of myself. 

The run started and ended at Gas Works Park in Seattle, so after a quick stop at Starbucks for coffee I was there.  With plenty of time to wait around.
 With so much time I was able to check out the vendors and see the reward for this run. I also had the pleasure to run into some Pacific Northwest bloggers and chat it up before they started the half marathon.

Before long it was time to start the 5K, I was determined to start off slow so I wouldn't burn out. My legs were sore from the kickboing class yesterday and I wanted to make sure that they would last me.

Stats from the Garmin:
Mile 1 - 11:34
Mile 2 - 12:02
Mile 3-  12:46
.1 - 1:13
Total Time 37:37, average pace 12:04
I am really happy with the overall average pace, but I am disappointed with my last mile. I just couldn't get my breath on the last mile. This photo was during the first mile. 

And after I was done!

The good thing about this race is that it was on the smaller side, however it did have some bad parts but that is to be expected for an inaugural race. One of the major cons for me was the 5K path, it was an out and back race on a pretty narrow bike path, so I felt bad for the faster runners. The had to watch where they were going coming back as many of the slower runners didn't realize they needed to move over.

The 5K path was also at the end of the half path, some of the faster half marathoners had to dodge 5Kers. The two girls who came in first for the half marathon completed it in 1 hour 23 minutes!!! They were rock stars, but I think I would have been frustrated on the last 3 miles sharing the path. 

They had 2 water stops on the 5K race, which ended up being 4 stops since it was an out and back. That was nice but a bit overkill. They bathroom situation was bad. There just wasn't enough restrooms or porta-potties for the number of women there.

Overall it was a great race for me and a 5K PR.


  1. Great job! Love the pink tank - cute cute cute!!!

  2. Congrats on the PR! Very well done.

    And 4 water stops on a 5K is a bit overkill indeed.

  3. Congrats on your race!! I am a big fan of running for champagne and chocolate! And love that the SJR does that race. I just ran it a few weeks ago here in boise. Good job!!

  4. Congrats on a great race and a PR!!