Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Edition

Today for a little family fun we went for a hike. I am not much of a nature person so I invited my dad along to take us to a good trail that was 3 almost 4 year old friendly.  After driving for 3 miles off the main road we came to the trail head. A photo at the start, and proof that we did take our SUV off the main road. I wore my garmin to keep track of our overall distance, and I figured it would be good in case we got lost also to use the GPS to get us back.

At the trail head signing in

The first bridge we had to cross

Evie wanted to be the leader of the hike, but also wanted to race so we did lots of sprint intervals.

1.5 miles from our car we hit the first waterfall, we walked down to the base and tossed rocks in the river and had a snack. Since we had Evie with us and my dad who has a bad knee we decided that this distance was perfect for all of us.  

On the way back Evie kept saying she was getting tired, so after I carried her on my shoulders for a little bit, we decided to race back to the car. Overall it was a create 3 mile round trip hike and fun family time.


  1. I'! How beautiful and fun!!! What a wonderful family hike! What a great day!!!!

  2. What a beautiful trail to take a hike. I'm jealous, we definitely do not have those trails here.

    Wonderful way to spend your Saturday.

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  4. Here is a great link for WA residents and hikes with children -

    We did Boulder River on this hike.