Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh July how I love thee

First to recap the month of June, it wasn't the best month but it really showed me where I was slacking and I tried to pick up tips for improvement along the way.  Here were my goals for June:

- Complete a 5K - Complete
- Start FIRST program  - Started, but then stopped- Go to Spin Class 4x  - I attended 1 class
- Make a date with Jillian 30DS/Shred it with weights for the month  - I had a couple morning dates with her- Continue push up challenge - Finished with a Max of 40 when I did my final test- lose a few lbs - didn't happen

While it wasn't the wonderful month that I had hoped for, it wasn't terrible. I pretty much stayed the same weight wise, I got some workouts in, and I finished the push up challenge. Of course my goals for July are a bit lofty, but if I can complete at least 50% of them I will be happy! 100% would be awesome, but I know with my summer schedule that I am over planning just a bit.

July Goals:
- Start Kickboxing using the Living Social Coupon I picked up
- Attend 4 Spin Classes
- Run my hill 2x a week
- Start push up challenge again, with 'real' push ups
- Run 9 miles a week in any combination of runs
- Run the See Jane Run 5K in under 39 minutes - I am registered for this already
- Register for the Amica Seattle Half Marathon
- Lose a few lbs

I told you they were a bit lofty! I am ready to tackle this list, but first I have to get through the 4th of July weekend. I have my running shoes and Garmin packed so I have no excuse to not get out and run a little while we are away.

How was your June? Do you have bigger goals for July?


  1. I haven't had the best month either but you know what? It could have been worse for you and for me. But we did the best we could and I'm sure we both will rock July.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. June was pretty darn great! Love your lists of goals...I might try that too :)