Monday, July 11, 2011

oh hello Monday

I am trying to be positive about the week. It has started out well, yesterday was a rest day but it didn't feel like one. I was on the go most of the day with my daughter, Starbucks, Costco, Panera and the local Children's museum all in one afternoon. Every where we went I noticed it wasn't as crowded as I expected. I mentioned to my husband that I felt like I was missing out on something big. Later when we went to pick up dinner I saw a sign that said Bare Buns Fun Run.  Sean and I laughed.....that is what we were missing out on - the local nudist 5K.

I was just looking at my July goals and I have not doing so well, I am going to try to knock out a few of them this week:

- Start Kickboxing using the Living Social Coupon I picked up - I might not start this week but I can call and get all the information to start next week. Need to figure out the best times to go for our family schedule.
- Attend 4 Spin Classes - I can get at least one done this week!
- Run my hill 2x a week - Monday and Wednesday are my goal day

- Start push up challenge again, with 'real' push ups - Taking the initial challenge tonight

- Run 9 miles a week in any combination of runs - I can do this

- Register for the Amica Seattle Half Marathon - Done! I did this yesterday.

- Lose a few lbs  - I will have do this! I grilled up chicken for lunches yesterday, I have healthy meals planned for the week and not to much sugar in the house. I started the week off weighing the same as Friday which is always a good sign.

Now that I have my plan for the week ready I feel like I will be able to check things off my list. I am a list person! I need a plan and items to cross off.  I feel so much better about my goals if I have a detailed plan.  

Are you a planner? or do you just fly by the seat of your pants?


  1. A nudist run huh??? Oh goodness. Good thing you missed out on that! What is the push up challenge?? I need to make more goals and get to checking off a list. I am a list person but have been sucking at it lately!!! Great job on your goals!!

  2. The push up challenge is this -

    I have already done it once with modified pushups and maxed out at 40 something at one time...with a small break and can do more. I am going to attempt it with real push ups. I know my number will be much lower but that's ok.

  3. List person here too!

    And I don't get nudist runs. Doesn't everything jiggle all over the place? And what about sunburn?

  4. I'm a planner, and promptly skipped my workouts this morning and slept in. Not. a. good. start to the week!

  5. ha! can't believe you would skip the nudist run?! i dont understand how that would work.....

    good luck on the push ups!

  6. Definitely a planner, without a workout plan I just skip things so easily so I always have a plan. And not only for my workouts, I use lists for work, things to do at home and grocery shopping.

    I'm the to do list queen :)