Friday, July 15, 2011

No energy

What do you do when your energey levels plummet. The past few days I feel like I have been dragging through the sand. Last night I was in bed by 9PM, instead of hitting the treadmill my head hit the pillow and I was out.  I hope I can get my energy back soon, I hate feeling this way. I am going to just make myself run tonight after work - get it doen before dinner so I have no excuse for not doing it later. Any suggestion for an energy pick me up?

On April 29th I was at my lowest weight for 2011 - 204lbs. Since then I completed my first half and then slipped into some bad habits. Then I had an amazing anniversary weekend and a long 4th of July celebration and the scale just kept creeping up. When we got home from our long weekend the scale hated me......ok its not the scales fault, I needed to make a change. Last Friday I decided that it was time to take control back and stop giving in to temptations and get back to reaching my weight loss goals.

Stats as of this morning:
Height - 5'8"  Weight - 214

My goal levels
- Next goal enter the forbidden forest  - 199lbs
- Enter the "overweight" range for BMI - 196lbs
- 2011 Goal - 180lbs
- Ultimate Goal "Normal" BMI range - 164lbs

Now that all that nastiness is behind us on to weekend plans. Saturday I have to go to packet pick up/expo for the See Jane Run in Seattle that takes place on Sunday.  Sunday I will be doing the 5K and wishing I had stayed training so that I could just do the half. I am sure I could walk it, but I think my body would hate me for that maybe next year.

Do you have any big plans for the weekend? Will you be racinig, training, relaxing or a little of everything?


  1. I hear you about that darn 10 lbs...I honestly believed summer would be the "easy" time to keep it off, or not gain any.

    Do you take an iron supplement? Sometimes low iron can cause low energy.

    Good luck in your 5k!

  2. I swear it's the weather! I have been exhausted this week, too. It has been a pretty dismal summer, but something feels different this week. I am taking iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12, hoping for an energy boost.

    Good for you for getting yourself back on program. It is so easy to get sidetracked. You are a big motivator for me!

  3. Laugh! Look, Kim and I were reading and posting at the same time! We both want you to take your iron supplements, haha.

  4. Honestly, exercise gets my energy up. Which sucks when you don't have the energy to exercise. HAHAHHAAHHA

  5. i felt the same way this week, especially last night. had intentions of getting on the treadmill but the bed sounded so much better!

    it amazes me how fast the weight can come back on and frustrating how it takes so long to lose!! :(