Friday, July 8, 2011

My car ate my debt card

Did I just type that! I thought I lost my debt card this morning, after  a lot of frustration and searching around I finally spied it between the center counsel and the drivers seat. Small little fist pump! I was excited that I didn't lose it, but then I couldn't figure out how to get it out.

Normally you would just slide the seat up or back and the card would fall down. But my seats are on this little box, there really isn't an area under the seat, so when I move the eat the card does not fall. The card just sits there staring at me, teasing me and maybe even mocking me a little. Ha Ha you just got paid, but you can't use me. In the past I would have just used a credit card instead. In an effort to become debt free I cut up my credit cards this year - I only have a debit card! Now I have to wait for my wonderfully amazing, super crafty husband to get home and figure out how to get it out. (no sucking up there at all) :)

The reason this is bad is I had planned to register for 3 races today. Oh well, hopefully another day won't make a difference.

I hope everyone has an amazing Friday and a great weekend.

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