Thursday, July 14, 2011

Midnight showing

How many people out there will be at a Harry Potter midnight showing tonight? I for one will be tucked nicely into my bed and sleeping soundly at midnight. I have only been dragged to a couple midnight showings of movies an I always fall asleep. So I see no point in going. I am excited to see this movie saga come to an end. Are you a Harry Potter junkie? What do you think about it being in 3D? I am not a fan of 3D movies so that part bums me out.

As for working out, this week I have rest my alarm to sleep in and not stress about a morning workout. It just makes me grumpy if I don't get up and that makes the day go by extremely slow. Last night I completed day 2 of the push up challenge, abs, lunges and squats. I was going to head to the gym to ride the bike, but instead went to bed. I just felt like my body wanted me to sleep, which was perfect. I woke up with a slight headache, but after some water it went away. Which is good.

If the the rain stays away I plan to take another try at the hill tonight. If it starts raining I will just get my booty on the treadmill for 3 miles. Either way cardio it is.  I picked up my CSA vegetable delivery last night  - I forgot to take a photo but so much good stuff.  I really like this delivery, because it is helping me to focus on eating more fresh vegetables and fruits. Where before I knew I should eat them but I often skipped over them at the store. Also fresh, pulled from the ground carrots are so yummy and grilled a green pepper, tomato and onion last night on the BBQ along with some steak. I ate more veggies then meat - BBQ + Veggies = one happy girl!


  1. i'm not a fan of 3D either. i hope they have it in regular 2D at the theaters!

  2. We got lucky and got hooked up with tickets for tonight at 7:00pm! No midnight showing for me!

  3. I pretty much love Harry Potter! 3D - not so much.