Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The mental game

I have been fighting the mental game since started getting more serious about running more in January. It has always been mental game for me. The excuse just build up and get me to give up - from your not fast enough to you are to fat to run.  I saw this posted on my friends Facebook  page a few weeks ago and it is so true.  As I started training again I have decided that I need to fight this mental block and let me legs do what they want.  

Last  night was a particularly hard mental fight. My plan called for 4 miles at 14:34, I didn't get a chance to run until almost 8:45 last night. I had to hit the treadmill as it was raining and getting dark and I am not prepared for running in the dark.  As I started I wanted to give up before the end of the first mile. My core was hurting from kickboxing, my hips were stiff and on the treadmill 4.2 mph is 14:17  which for me is a fast walk or a slow jog. After the first mile I wanted to give up and go to bed. I told myself to stay on there and get to mile to. I started a jog walk intervals, my hips started to loosen up and I started to feel a little better. Mile 2, I adjusted the incline to 2% and kept going. Before I knew it I was at 3.5 miles and pushed until the end. 

When I was done I felt great! I was glad that I pushed myself to complete the distance even if walking was involved. I told myself to trust the plan, get a few weeks in and adjust as needed. For now I will accept my pace - the only person I am in competition with is myself.  Today's workout calls for 3M @14:30  - we will see how what my legs want to do and go from there.

Do you have any tips for beating the mental fatigue? What keeps you going when you just want to quit?

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  1. The first 3 or so miles are always tough for me, so I just try to keep that in mind when I run. Reminding myself how great I feel after a run totally helps.

    Surprisingly, running takes practice! Who woulda thunk it?

    As for pace, we all gotta start somewhere. Good for you for hanging on till the end! Love that JM quote!

  2. A perfect post - it's ALL mental for me!!! Mentally - I'm weak and it makes me feel like a failure. I ordered the Jeff Galloway mental training book on amazon - can't.wait.for.it.to.arrive!

  3. Yay! You are running the Irongirl 10k too!

    Mental fatigue is a toughie. Today, I felt tired, but thought just do 4 x 800m...then the additional 2 came b/c I had those endorphins kicking in

  4. Way to get 'er done! Love the Jillian quote.

  5. Great job pushing through. It's SO tough to persevere when your mind is telling you to quit. My only tips are to psych myself out - use mantras that remind you of how you want it, how good you'll feel when it's done, how it will benefit you in the long & short term, etc. Also, MUSIC helps! Get pumped up!

  6. Way to go! Mental burnout is the worst for me - I am fighting that right now, as a matter of fact. The reward is how I feel when I complete a workout - like you, I am always glad I did! The first 4 are literally a struggle for me and then I feel better. As for pace - it is irrelevant right now - time on your feet is what matters most and you got that going! ;)