Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is it still Thursday

Because I have three things to share:

1. Yesterday I picked up my CSA box, notice anything special - a free bar of dark chocolate and boy is it yummy. Today I was making Spaghetti for the rest of the family but while I heated up there sauce. I tossed kale, spinach, onion and carrots in a pan and sauteed it together. When the noodles were done I added a dash of Garlic Infused Oil and tossed with my spaghetti noodles. Topped it off with a dash of red pepper flakes. All I can say is DELISH!  Next time I have to add more kale and spinach as I forgot how much it shrinks when cooked.

2. I ran today! 1 Mile  - I told myself while running to be proud of it. My lungs were burning, but my legs felt great. It was only a mile because that is how far it is from my house to Target. I had planned to run home, but I noticed their iPad2's were in stock and I called my hubby who came down to pick one up. He has been wanting one forever and had Target Gift cards to use. Since he was there I wussed out and hitched a ride home.

3. I plan to go hiking this weekend for the first time in a long time....I am thinking at least 10 years. Its not a difficult hike since my daughter will be coming with me, but hiking, who would have thought I would say hey lets go hiking.  I can't wait to take photos and share with you.


  1. Well done on the 1 mile run and have a lot of fun during your hike this weekend.

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  3. I love that you ran to Target! Enjo the hike!