Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I love Trail Mix

I pink puffy heart LOVE it....or whatever all the cool kids are saying now! It is so yummy but so freaking high in calories for the portion that you get. We picked up the Kirkland brand at Costco this weekend and it is 160 calories for 30grams. Now 30 grams might be like a lot for something light and airy like Pirates Booty, but for trail mix its just enough to make you craving more.

This is your average ramekin a normal small cup for snacks and this is what 30 grams looks in it. See how you can still see the bottom of the cup.

This is 90 grams of Trail Mix and probably more like the average amount I would eat in the past in one setting. Truth be told I would probably eat more then that I would just eat right out of the 3lb bag.

I love the salty/sweet aspect of trail mix plus it is a totally portable snack. Does anyone have any good recipes or combos for trail mix that isn't so high in calories for a small portion. I am thinking I might make my own, but one of my favorite parts is the raisins because they are covered in salt.

Last night I hit the gym to ride the bike for 10 miles as part of my cross training. Tonight I plan to go to kickboxing class and I am so looking forward to it. I training plan yesterday using the Smart Coach link on Runner's World. It is a long plan, but I figure it will give me plenty of time to build up my base and get back into running. Tonight's class fits perfectly into the plan for cross training. :)

What is your favorite type of cross training?

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  1. "I pink puffy heart love it" ... omg, I couldn't stop giggling when I read this! I've made my own trail mix in the past (worked at a summer camp with lots of kids with food-allergies), but I've stuck to making my own granola bars lately.