Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Yoga

This morning I was up at 5AM, downstairs working on my downward dog! Ahh Wednesday Yoga day was accomplished with no interruptions.  While I hate getting up to workout in the morning once the work out is done I feel stronger towards the day. After making a cup of coffee I headed back up stairs to wake the rest of the family and get ready for work.  I hope tonight to get some sort of run in, I have been slacking on my running plan this week. Must run, must run, must run!

I saw this video on a friends facebook and it made me laugh:

I never understood way Whole Food's Parking lots are so small. Its one of those things that you look at when you drive up and go really? Really this all the parking you allotted for a grocery store, really?

What is the store has the worst parking lot in your area?  Anyone else ready for the weekend?


  1. Whole Foods parking lots are okay here in LA, but Trader Joe's parking lots of TINY. And the spaces are too small for normal size cars. I get a little panicy when I have to park in one.

  2. I hated parking at work, until they built us an underground garage. As far as stores go, Costco always seems like chaos, people never go the right way and are blocking traffic. Follow the freaking arrows people!