Monday, June 13, 2011

This weeks Challenge

I tend to try to do much at once and then end up just doing an OK job at everything. This week I am going to try to do one thing GREAT!  My focus is cut out some SUGARS.  I know that I eat to much, I snack to much on a cookie here, a miniature chocolate here...and so on. 

As for exercise I am doing a modified version of the FIRST 10K program and I am trying to get to the gym for either SPIN or just using the exercise bike.  The Plan for this week - honestly
I might toss a rest day in there somewhere........just not sure where yet.

Monday - Key Run #1 for week 10 about 4.5 miles, finish week 4 of push up challenge
Tuesday - Bike, Abs and Start Week 5 of Push up Challenge
Wednesday - Key Run #2 - 5- 6 miles and Yoga in the AM
Thursday - Bike, Abs and Start Week 5 of Push up Challenge
Friday - Key Run #3 calls for 8  miles, I will probably modify to 6.2
Saturday - Spin Class

Do you try to do to much at one time? How do you pick what has priority in your routine?

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