Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thighs that eat shorts

Yup that is what I have!  It was worth a try, by mile 2.5 I decided to just run in my underwear. I am thankful that I had some underwear on tonight as I usually run commando. This was the moment that I was glad that I was at home. The shorts might work as a layer for spin class.

Here is my pre workout photo - new top from Target - which totally rocks because its looser fitting and doesn't ride up! Love must go get more of these. Clearance running shorts and my brand new RunLove Compression Socks which just arrived today.  Sean asked me several times if he was sure I wanted my photo taken and I said yes! Maybe he was right I should have kept this one to myself. :)

Before I started Evie wanted to perform a little quality check on the treadmill.
Notice she is into barefoot running - she may be the next big thing.

Post run - 4.5 miles today

Do you wear underwear when you work out or do you go commando?


  1. I wear undies...unless I'm brave and go commando with my capris. It's a tough decision!

  2. I wear undies, most of the time. Your daughter is cute!

  3. Unless I feel like I need...ahem...a little more protection, commando is much more comfy. That tank top looks awesome! I might need to make a trip to Target.

  4. I always, always, always wear undies. I like the Moving Comfort ones.

  5. Always undies! Except when I wear compression tights in the winter. Then I'm commando!

  6. I wear underwear...but NEVER shorts! My thighs eat shorts too! Even when I was my smallest, I couldn't pull off shorts.