Friday, June 17, 2011

Push Ups - Gggrrrrrrrr

Who cares if this baby looks better doing a push up then me. Last night headed to the gym and after 4 miles on the elliptical I did week 5 day 2 of the push up challenge. This week they had me do 185 push ups with 45 second break in between broken up into 7 sets.

Set 1 - 18 - knocked it out thought that was easy
Set  2- 18 - not so bad
Set 3 - 22 - really
Set 4 - 19 - oh 19 thank you for arriving before 20
Set 5 - 19 - arms starting to shake, lots of stretching afterwards
Set 6 - 22 - hmmmm hurting by number 15, sweating
Set 7 - 45 - WTF 45, paused at 20, paused at 35 and slowly completed the last 10 with lots of deep breathing and then crashed on the mat! Celebrated in my head....did I just do that. Did I just complete 45 at once.

I finished off the workout with some of my favorite ab work. It felt great to get a really good workout in! I left the gym feeling stronger then ever. I am actually getting excited to start this challenge over with real push ups instead of assisted.

I am beyond excited that it is Friday! We have a great weekend planned celebrating our 7th anniversary a little early - its on the 24th of June.  Not sure how much exercises I am going to get in but that is ok.

Any big plans for the weekend? Will you be celebrating Father's day with your Dad or other family members.


  1. HUGE high five for 45 push ups. NICE.

    My dad lives 8 hours away, so I will be calling him on Sunday. Actually, I should call him today, too.

  2. WOW that's a lot of pushup! Your arms have got to be getting KILLER! Happy early Anniversary!

  3. Um, AWESOME! I'm the same way on my max-out set. I have to talk myself into making the last tough!

  4. Good job on the push ups. I made an attempt to follow the program a while ago with the real ones but it wasn't a success. I think it's a great idea to do it first with the assisted ones and after that start over with the real ones.

    I already had the plan to do the program again once my elbow is healed and I'm going to follow your strategy then.