Monday, June 6, 2011

I wish we had a 4 day work week

Of course who doesn't want more time to play. The weather showed me some love this weekend - and we spent all of Saturday at the lake.  We were on the lake by 9:30AM and enjoyed a beautiful day.   I learned that running gear is the best swim suit cover ups! I sported my running visor, running skirt and a tank I use frequently to workout in all over my swimsuit.  My husband said I looked like I was ready to go for a run. While that wasn't my plan, it worked out great when I stepped off our Seadoo in water up to my waist and was wet. In normal swim cover ups it would have taken forever for the cotton to dry out. I was comfortable in dry in a matter of minutes thanks to my running skirt.
Last week wasn't a great come back to fitness as I wanted.  This week it will be better. The plan for the week is:

Sunday - Rest - well unless you count washing two cars and random house cleaning
Monday -  Run - 5 x 800 w/400 RI
Tuesday  - Stationary Bike
Wednesday -  Run - 1M warm up, 2M@ Short Tempo, 1M easy, 2M@Short Tempo, 1M cool down
Thursday -  Spin Class if I can make it our just my own bike workout
Friday -  7 miles @ long tempo Pace
Saturday -  Spin class or rest day

My goal is to get up 30 minutes before work and do some sort of DVD or cross training to not only wake me up, but to fit it all in. This morning I couldn't get my DVD to work so I made up my own workout. It consisted of:

Push Up Challenge Week 3 Day 3
Walking Lunges
Arm Curls

Any advice for someone who is having a hard to jumping back into a training schedule? I need to get focused this week as I have a 5K this weekend and I really want to do well.

How was your weekend? Do you have a summer like weekend?


  1. My weekend was good. My mom was in town, which is awesome. I love when she comes to visit.

    I have no advice for jumping back into a training program, since it's a probelm for me, too.

  2. I have some great advice...go check out my blog...there may be a jumpstart waiting for you there!!!!

  3. I don't really have advice for you as I have been struggling a lot lately too.

    Yesterday my new half marathon training began and that somehow helped me. I did my run and did go to the gym to do weights after work as planned. Guess having a goal with a training plan works best for me.

    You will do fine on your 5K. You're the girl that ran a half marathon, 5K is peanuts for you now.