Friday, June 24, 2011

Five things

1. Today is our 7 year wedding anniversary. I have been married to the man I want to grow old with.  I love the movie the wedding singer and wanted to some how fit it into our vows but I couldn't get it to work out. I am a sap and actually get a little teary eyed when I watch this clip.

2. I attempted to get up and workout this morning, but my body just wouldn't do it. That could be because I was at the gym until 9:15 last night getting my workout on. I am not worried about missing the morning workout today is usually a rest day so if I don't get it in, no biggie, hopefully I will make it to spin class Saturday morning to offset the cake. :)

3.  The scale was up today, but I am ok with that as we had a wonderful weekend last weekend and I ate a lot. Then last night we went to Mexican food and I am sure the increase on the scale is due to my sodium intake last night.

4. I tried Chobani Greek Yogurt in Lemon flavor this morning and I all I can say is yummy!!!! I wish I had some blueberries to toss in and it would have made it a perfect breakfast. It may become my favorite flavor, which is currently held by blueberry.

5. Last but not least - I want to wish everyone running the Seattle RnR this weekend good luck! I hope the weather stays dry and you all have amazing runs.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!  Happy Friday!


  1. I haven't tried lemon flavor, heck I don't think I have even seen it in the stores. I love yoplaits lemon so I am sure I would love this lemon. i will be keeping an eye out for it. My current fav Chobani flavor is raspberry.

  2. Happy anniversary! I was thinking about you this morning because I was lamenting not following through on the 100 push up challenge. You are doing great! I saw a post earlier about 41 push ups (I have been reading a lot on my phone and can't comment).

    Great update all around, good for you!

  3. Congrats on your anniversary.

    We can only buy plain greek yogurt here, would love to try some with flavors.

  4. happy weekend to you TOO :)

    Mmmm, lemon Chobani? Sounds So yummy! Might have to give it a try with some fresh berries mixed in!