Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bloggers are invading my dreams

Last night I had a visit with 3 blogger's in my dreams of course, I mean really I dreamt about them. Kind of freaky or it means that I read to many blogs.

First was Jess @ Blond Ponytail I was at my house and looked out the front door and saw her playing with her dog. I thought of that is strange, my husband said she is the new neighbor and lives two doors down. Which I thought was strange also because people live in that house. Then I said should go out and introduce myself since I blog stalk all the time and take my dogs. My husband said her dog will use our dogs as a chew toy.

Here are my dogs. Bleu is a 4lb Pomeranian and Maggie is a 12lb Pekingese. They both just received their summer haircuts. For what its worth I don't think her dog would eat my dogs.

The second person to visit me in my sleep was Rose she was trying to teach me how to jump and take a photo. I think this was because yesterday I was looking at the Levitating Photographer yesterday.  The dream was Rose and I out in front of my house jumping around like fools and cracking  up the entire time as each of us fell to the ground.

The third person to invade my dream was Kim and we were having a debate about compression socks. I can only imagine that was because I wore my first pair yesterday. Her visit was short because my alarm started going off.

Have you ever had a dream about a fellow blogger?


  1. I do like a good jumping picture. And yes, trying to take them leads to hilarity.

    In case I didn't teach you well enough in the dream, the key is to take dozens of pictures, and then only use one, and pretend you nailed it on the first shot. =)

  2. I'll debate compressions socks with you any day, Jen. Can we do it somewhere fun, like Starbucks or Disneyland next time?