Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why does it have to end

This weekend it was rough to get my workout on. My legs killed from my walking lunges on Thursday, so much that I slacked on Friday, and counted deck scrubbing as my workout for Saturday.

Today I finally mustard up enough energy to go out for a 2 mile walk, truth be told I forgot popcorn so I decided instead of driving back I would talk to the store and pick some up.

Then later I got a little cross training in:

3x15 - Arms - curls, overhead press, up right rows, hammer curl, triceps kickback, and bent rows

I then added in  40 walking lunges, 20 walk squats, 20 single leg squats (10 each side, those are tough) and ended it with ab work.

I am still working on my next training plan but I look forward to getting started and feeling like I am back on the training wagon, this rest period is really not doing my body well or my mind for that matter. I feel like I am slowly losing all of my motivation.

How was your weekend? Did you rest or get an awesome work out in?


  1. Hey, a walk to the store is better than nothing! Gotta love those lunges too! I'm having a blog giveaway...Just need more followers. The movie I am giving away WILL help motivate you!

  2. Deck scrubbing, that sounds like a workout! My weekend was rainy, but I did manage to get in a long run!

  3. I am suffering from the same thing. Not putting a spring marathon on my schedule this year has left me a bit unmotivated and my workouts reflect that.
    I did manage a so-so 10-miler and a charity walk. Not great but ok I guess.

  4. Every little bit counts! And deck scrubbing definitely counts :)

  5. I always know that after a rest period and I'm feeling anxious, it's time to start the training again. But it's good to have variety in your workouts. And scrubbing the deck was good variety.
    I got to run a marathon this weekend and felt really lucky to be out there! Have a great week!

  6. I can totally relate to lack of motivation during rest periods. Completely jealous of your dedication to cross-training...wish I could get motivated to do that.

  7. Interesting - you are an exercise addict! I am hopeful to get to this point, when I really *know* and *admit* and am *willing to do something about it* that I feel better with exercise. (Possibly the worst sentence ever written but I am too Monday-blah to go back and revise, haha.)

    Find a training program you love, and quickly! Keep the motivation going!

  8. I totally understand you. I took a rest period after my (not so) half marathon and I'm having a hard time getting back on track. In two weeks my new training plan starts and I want to be back at my normal workouts by then.