Monday, May 30, 2011

Weekend update

On Saturday  my alarm went off at 7AM, and I sat in bed trying to remember why I had set my alarm on a Saturday.  I had wanted to go to the early morning Spin Class at my Gym.  The early Saturday and Sunday class are usually the easiest to get into. As I headed down to the gym I dreaded the workout as it had been a while.

During class I actually felt like I hung in there pretty well compared to the rest of the class.That was until the instructor said we have gone 12 miles so far and I looked my distance and I had only gone 9.5 miles, either way it felt great and later that day I was only a little sore in my bum area. :)  I complete my 3 day of push ups for the week and it was by far the hardest yet. The longest set was 20 push ups in a row and I thought I was going to die, not really but I did those 20 pretty slow.

After Spin Class I came home and made a cake! The reason was my daughter had found the cake pops that Starbucks is now selling and  I explained to her that they were simple to make and we could make them for a BBQ we had to go on Sunday.  If you haven't heard of cake pops or cake balls instead of trying them at Starbucks, make them yourself by following directions on Bakerella. The are easy to make and taste yummy when they are homemade. They were a hit at the BBQ especially with my 3 nephews who are 16, 12, and 10 - they giggled every time some one said Balls.

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