Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today is the day

That I recommit myself to health and fitness.  First I need to recap May:
- Completed my first half
- Signed up for 4 more races
- Lost a few lbs, gained a few lbs
- Went back to spin class
- Started 100 push up challenge

I let myself slack after my half and June is going to be a better month.  My goals for June:

- Complete a 5K
- Start FIRST program
- Go to Spin Class 4x
- Make a date with Jillian 30DS/Shred it with weights for the month
- Continue push up challenge
- lose a few lbs

What are your goals for the month of June? How did May treat  you?


  1. June is the month I start running like I mean it - things in May got a little sloppy and while there was no major gain or collapse in routine, it was close... so I'm all over recommitting to me in June.

    I'm beginning training for a half, (although my furthest run to date is 4 miles) and returning to more of the home cooked, yummy foods I love instead of the quicker, easier prepared foods. I'm also going to start the pushup challenge as well.

  2. My goals for June are to run a mile without walking breaks and to take advantage of all the great farmers market produce and eat lots of fresh veggies!

  3. I can be short about May: it sucked! But it's okay too, guess I needed it. I want to rock June like you. Great goals you've set for yourself and finishing that half in May is a huge accomplishment.

  4. Sheesh it IS the end of the month isn't it? Haven't even thought about goals. Yours sound great though!