Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, one day closer to Friday

I am feeling in the mood to ramble the fun things going on in my life:

Found my races for the summer and early fall
  • Considering adding a half, just not sure what, when or where - Sean wants to run with me so I am looking at non women only race, even though I have noticed some AMAZING women races in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Feel like I am falling off the diet wagon  - but I am determined to get back on track
  • Not having a training schedule is interesting I need to get through my current book  on running methods and develop a new schedule. I would like to set PR for my 5K time then work on lowering my 10K time.
  • Loving Thursday - one day closer to Friday!


  1. It sounds like you should come down to the Boise area and do some races down here! :) There are a few good ones in October I'm eyeing --City of Trees Half Marathon. Good luck with your goals! You have a full calendar of races already -- I love it. I'm the same way! It keeps me motivated to have lots of races on the calendar.

  2. Looks like you planned a few nice races, great to have them planned and you can work towards them.

  3. I've been dragging behind that diet wagon too... every day I say this is gonna be the day I pull myself back aboard!!