Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Only one more working day for me until a 3 day weekend - can you tell I am excited

2. Blogger is being a pain, for some reason it won't let me leave comments. It wants me to sign in, I do then I click on another blog to leave a comment and it wants me to sign in again. Rinse and Repeat! Its starting to piss me off, so please know I am reading and loving the blogs I just can't leave a comment. BOO!

3. Today is a milestone for me 15 years ago today I was in a terrible car accident that almost took my life. I cut open my forehead on the side of the door, I lost my spleen, tore my liver, broke my pelvic bone in 6 places and was bleeding internal at the base of my spin. I was airlifted to the best hospital in Washington State, and through a miracle and with amazing doctors I am still alive. I can live a normal life and I can have children. I feel blessed that I was given a second chance on life and I am trying my best to take full advantage of it. This day reminds me that life is short and that its important to smile a little more, give an extra hug and just go with the flow of life. Try not to get hung up on the little things as in the big picture they don't really matter.


  1. Yay for surviving the accident, and coming away from it with an awesome outlook on life.

    Google needs to make fixing blogger a priority, man.

  2. WoW!So glad you got that second chance!! Have fun during the long weekend:)