Thursday, May 19, 2011

Run Less, Run Faster

I need all the help I can get when it comes to running - I have been reading the FIRST Training Program book Run Less, Run Faster. I am actually in love with their concept and I think it will work for me, especially coming into the summer when my weekend time for a long run is hard to come by. But with it staying lighter longer I can run them after work....hopefully!

So my goal is to start this plan on May 31st and following the 12 week 10K program that will take me right up to my next 10K, with 2 - 5K before that for practice. The only issue I am having is figuring out my training pace - since I am slower then the paces they list in the book.

Here I am asking for help from the blogger world! This is what I have so far for my last races  - I should really exclude the half times as it was my first and the course in my mind was killer.

5K - 39:04 - pace 12:36
10K - 1:18:23 - pace 12:38
Half - 3:04:20 - pace 14:04

Following the FIRST Concept I would train for the 10K using 3 quality runs, and 2 cross training sessions.

The First Key Run - This is track repeat type intervals...1st  I need to find a local track or map out a 400M distance that I can and second I need to figure out my pace for 200, 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1600 distance. If I was faster then I currently am I could just use the nifty charts in the book, however they stop at a 30 minute 5K, and since I can't run that yet, I don't know what to pace at. I read online to take your 5K pace and run that at 2-4 seconds faster per 400m.....mmmmmmmm getting confused yet, because I am.

If  I am reading that right I want to take my 5K pace 39:04, take my pace 12:36 - divide that by 4 to get my 400M pace, so 3:09 and then subtract 2-4 my pace for 400M should be 3:05 - told you I was slow! If anyone has any experience with this please feel free to comment and correct me. I would appreciate it.

The Second Key Run - is warm up, then a Short or mid tempo pace and cool down. I found online that a short tempo is 15 seconds slower per mile then 5K pace. I am thinking I would want to keep my pace around 12:41 then, right?  hmmm Mid-tempo pace - whats that?

The Third Key Run - Long distance at a long tempo pace which if I have read correct is 75-90 seconds slower per mile then your 5K pace

I have some time to work out the details of this plan for me - but if anyone has any advice on figuring out the proper pace that would be appreciate. I am new to the whole pacing but  I know if I can figure it out it will make my runs go smoother.


  1. Hey Jen - Good to hear you're giving RLRF a try! I love the program... I'm actually working on a book review to post on the blog here very soon. Check out this website...
    To figure out your interval/track times, just input your 5K time and it will spit out what your goal times should be for track intervals. Likewise for tempo and long run. Good Luck and let me know if you have any other questions... happy to help!

  2. Jess - THANK YOU!!!! I was searching for something like this and just couldn't find it! Thank you Thank you!

  3. girl, i've got no advice for you. BUT GOOD LUCK! : )

  4. I think Jess already helped you with your paces.

    About the interval distances. I don't know what phone you have but if you can download apps there a lot of possibilities and you can download an app so you can see how far you've run or when a 1/4 mile is over. Or give yourself a gift like a Garmin.

    Another thing: in the June issue of Runner's World (US version) are also running workouts for people who have less time. I saved these for my own use.

  5. Hmm I don't personally have much advice on pacing, but I'm sure a magazine like Runner's World could offer helpful tips.

  6. This is similar to what i'm doing as well. i put in my paces into the "smartcoach" program that's on you might give it a try. good luck! :)

  7. finding proper pace takes time. I would suggest honestly put that Garmin on the back of your belt somewhere you can't see it. Then just run.. for time. Then go back and see. You will be more likely to run how you feel if you dont' see that Garmin. This should help you find where each of your paces will be. Then as the prg progresses you will see improvement!! :)