Saturday, May 7, 2011

Really this is an XL

Last night Sean and I went to pick up our packets for the half. I typically just get an XL T-Shirt  and wear them to sleep in. This race was providing both men's and women's tech shirts so I decided to go for the Women's XL shirt thinking I could actually use it to workout in after the race. When I got home I tried the Women's XL Tech shirt on and lets just say I looked like a stuffed sausage.

For comparison here is Women's XL Tech Shirt on top of a Men's Large Shirt.  I realized that they don't need to be close to the same size, but I wear a Large or XL in Women's shirts normally......this one is more of a Child XL

I told Sean maybe this just needs to be my goal shirt! I need to hang this up in hopes that one day it fits and I can train in it. :)  Either way the race is fast approaching and I need to prepare myself mentally for this and not worry about whether a race shirt fits. 


  1. That's an XL? Crazy sauce.

    Women's sizing is so redonk anyway. Ug.

  2. that's ridiculous. i HATE women's clothing.

  3. I swear they size clothes just to mess with our heads.

  4. That is sized wrong. I'm a Men's tech medium and a Women's tech large. Those shirts should be close to the same size. Sometimes you can swap at the race...

  5. UGH hate women's 'size'. Especially in the tech shirts. I hear tech shirt and I think "Oh boy, I hope I can fit into a men's XL!"

    GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! I'll be thinking of you when I wake up!

  6. Yeah, I totally the sizing of women's clothes - and fitness ones seem to run smallest of all. Do they realize how demoralizing that is?!?!
    Screw the shirt - and kick butt in the race!!

  7. Good luck today!

    I do know that an XL here in Holland is smaller than an XL in the USA. Maybe European sizes?