Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ninja Run

Tonight I had to run outside, ok I didn't have to but if I had to take advantage of the nice weather. The plan was just to go out and run 4-6 miles depending on how I was feeling. As I started out I realized that I was dressed like ninja - black capri's, black running shirt, long sleeve black race tee and a black bondi band.

I started out a bit to fast and the added warmth and the long sleeve shirt was a band combo......around mile 2 I felt like I hit a wall. I hard brick wall, I kept going as my pace slowed. I took a quick break to use the bathroom at the library and started off again feeling much better. I thought about my half marathon and wished I had a drop into the race like I do on my outside runs at home. When I say drop in I think....skateboard drop in. You know how they have this ramp and they kind of just drop in to the ramp and then do their thing. The first .25 -.5 miles from my house is down hill. This is what my drop in looks like:
It goes from 266 ft to 68ft - it makes for a great start - wouldn't it be nice if all race started with a downhill. Of course if one person tripped that could be a huge disaster, maybe not a good idea after all. Overall I ended with 4.5 miles with an ok pace for me. Only one more training run on Friday and then the big day is on Sunday. I am feeling so nervous, I keep telling myself I can do this but at the same time I want more time to train.

Post run I gobbled down some granola and coconut milk and now my tierd body is going to bed. What is your favorite post run snack? What about when you run late?


  1. I love the Ninja expression, it made me smile.

    My favorite post run snack is either coffee with hot milk and some sweet bread or a protein shake, flavour banana or a chocolate milk. But I only use post run snacks after long runs on Saturday morning. On weekdays when I run in the morning I eat normal breakfast after my run.

    I never run late so no snacks after that.

  2. Ooo I love rocking the Ninja.

    Post run I'm not hungry. Or rarely am. I usually shovel down some greek yogurt (plain, full fat) + granola. Maybe an apple?

    Ditto for late-night run. It usually ends up being my dinner, with a skinny cow added in or something. And yes, I'm starving when I wake up. :)