Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Day

It has been a week since I have done any form of exercises. I need to get off my bum today and do something. I have started reading Run Less Run Faster this week. I am not all the way through it nor do I have a race to train for yet using this method I am going to incorporate their 3plus2 idea into my schedule as it seems simple enough to follow.

I have two goals for this week:
  • Run 3 days, Cross train 2 days.
  • Find some more races to sign up for
Today looks like it is going to be a rainy day her in the land of Washington, possible a great day to hit the gym and then take my daughter swimming.

What do you do on rainy Sunday's?


  1. Tell me more about this method, I'm interested in it.

    On rainy Sunday's I usually catch up with my DVD recorder and watch TV shows. But since I have a dog I have to get out eventually.

  2. I love RLRF. Have you thought about the You Go Girl 10k/Half on 9/18 in Tacoma? All women and it was great fun last year.