Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Half Marathon

When you think Mother's Day, you think of sleeping in, breakfast in bed....maybe some flowers. Well my Mother's Day had one of  those items. This morning my alarm went off at 5AM, we had plans to be out of the house by 6AM - why did I sign up for this again. My dad arrived shortly before 6AM, he was going to watch Evie while Sean and I ran the race. 
Before: Sean

Before: Me

The half crazy kids

When we started it was raining, by 1.75 miles I had my jacket off as the rain had stopped. I had been warned that the course would be hilly, but then I read on Facebook that they changed the course and it wasn't as hilly as the previous years. The first 2 miles were killer! Sean stayed with me for the first 2 miles and then he took off to complete the race at his pace. I did well for a while and then it got really hard. I felt like we just kept climbing upwards with little downhill recover. Here is the elevation map from the Garmin.

By mile 10 my legs were sore, but worst of all when running my ankles and arches hurt, when walking my back was in extreme pain. In order to keep from breaking down and losing it I alternated walking and running until one pain was to much to handle. I continued to count down the miles as the road leveled out for a while. Just when I thought I could make it the tossed one last uphill into and that was the end and I walked more then jogging the rest of the pace. The last .5 I started running with a nice lady who was also doing this on her first marathon. She is in the next few photos that are honestly to cute for words.

Her I come - I am the one in blue, in the lower right is my daughter in purple

She had a tulip for me

She ran the rest of the .2 miles with me. At one point I had to call her back because she was smoking me and the lady next to me - it was a great laugh that helped us finish the race.

 After finishing with my FINISHER Medal

 As of today I have completed one of my New Years Resolutions - complete a half marathon. Goal get across the finish line - CHECK, don't come in last in your division  - CHECK!

What's up next, well I am not sure.  How soon after your first half did you plan your next race? Was it a smaller race or another half?


  1. Awesome job and it looks as though you had fun and have memories to always remember...

    Remember to hydrate and eat and rest. Stretch...
    Personally, I didn't run another race for a year, another half marathon. Part of the reason was my legs hurt so bad, I couldn't run for a month. But each time has gotten better (thankfully)
    It gets addicting as I found out...Partially because of the fun...
    Pain is temporary, memories of the fun times are forever.

  2. congrats!! too sweet for her to run with you and give a flower to boot!

  3. So fantastic, Jen!! Congrats! I came looking for your update - you rocked it! That looks like a very hilly course. Good for you for getting through it! Your daughter is adorable. :)

    Hey - I will blog later but I ran with my five year old the other day (just about a block, haha). My five year old was IN AWE - yelling to my other son, "MOM IS RUNNING! She's REALLY RUNNING!" Bahahaha. Oy.

  4. Way to go Jen! I ran a virtual 5k 3 days after my first half, which was a really stupid thing to do. My next half was 6 weeks after the first one.

    I think it's great your daughter ran to the finish with you. Also, that course map is rough. Not all halfs are like that!

  5. Thanks for the advice everyone - I am giving my legs a few days break, but we are considering a 5K next Sunday - we will see how I feel.

    @ Julie - AWESOME JOB running - even if just a block - that is great.

  6. WAY TO GO GIRL!!!! those pics of your daughter are freaking adorable! i get emotional when i run, and that would have made me start bawling :) i'm so proud of you!!!! hope you had the best mother's day!

    my first half was actually a training run for my first full, somehow i thought i was superwoman and skipped the half. then took two months off of running after that full (mistake) and felt like i was starting from scratch training for my next big race. ran an official half 6 months later and have my second full next month. this time i won't take as long off!

  7. CONGRATS YOU DID IT! I'm so proud of you! And so cute Evie ran with you the last part.

    I didn't finish my first half but I had already signed up for another one in October. I plan to do 2 half marathons a year. I'm doing a 10K race next Sunday and then no races till September.

  8. Congratulations on your first 1/2! Those look like some killer hills but you didn't give up and did great! I love your little girl running your in! Congrats!

  9. Big congratulations to you! I ran that same race, and I was really hoping it wasn't anyone's first half because it was freaking tough! I think I would have started crying if it was my first.

    And thanks for the elevation chart. Notice that the race didn't provide one. I thought I counted at least six major hills (some of them two-parters), but maybe it just seemed like more.

    Again, good job! I just found your blog today and I am looking forward to reading more.

  10. @ Carla - I ran into a few other first timers. I almost lost it around mile 7-8 and if I knew where I was at the time I think I might have given up - but I just told myself to keep pushing through it.

  11. Congrats Jen!! I have to say your an inspiration. Seeing someone else who isnt a huge fan of running do a half marathon is so cool, and you look so amazing to boot. I plan to run again and some day do a half. I twisted my ankle on Easter and as soon as its good and healed I'm gonna get back on track and see if I can't do the Salmon Days 5k. I know that is 5 months away but I'm worried about my ankle. Congrats again you rock my socks!