Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Love me some mail

A few weeks ago I won a blog contest on Endurance Isn't Only Physical  and my prize was a pair of CEP Compression Shorts. I was so excited!  Heck I am still excited!
Look what showed up on my door step yesterday:

I wanted to toss them on last night but we already had plans and I barely got them out of the box and a photo before we had to leave.  I look forward to trying them out. I will admit  I most likely will wear shorts or a running skirt over them when running outside, but if I am on the treadmill at home I will rock them solo!

Of  course now I need to figure out when I can try them. I have not done any from of exercise since the half. I have wanted to but I came down with this terrible head cold on Monday. My husband has it also so we are just miserable together. Its not often we are sick at the same time. Usually he is sick and then I get it or the other way around. I think my body is pissed about the half we ran and is making me sick to make me rest.

Anyone get sick after their first half or an extra hard workout? What are your remedies to boucne back quickly from being sick?


  1. yay! i want some compression socks SOOO bad! i hope you love them!

  2. YAY shorts! I always rock mine w/ skirt out in public.

    I went for a looooong walk last night, trying to stretch everything out. I suck at bouncing back from colds though, they always tend to hit me hard. Just make sure you're drinking a lot of water - that always helps me!

  3. I just roll with the sick and stay super, super hydrated, and sleep as much as humanly possible.

  4. So looking forward to hear about how you like the shorts. I've been looking to get a pair. I think the biggest thing is rest, eating right, and more rest. I feel like if I don't hard core rest after something hard I pay the price the next day or even week.