Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you tried.....


and really that doesn't do it justice. Of course I first heard about it in blogger world! I finally was able to track some down and fell in love with the Chocolate Almond Butter. So in love that when I bought a jar last night my 3 year old and I may have been dipping our fingers in it on the way home.  If there was ever a product I would be a food tester on I think it would be this....because even if it went wrong it would still be good.  Last night we had pancakes for dinner and I smothered mine with Chocolate Almond Butter and topped that with slice banana...drool! So good.  

After dinner I had to go to the gym and get my cardio on, I knocked out 5.25 miles while watching The Biggest Loser and then had a serious stretch session. I think its time to bring out the P90X StretchX DVD, my body is feeling so out of whack lately - or maybe I need to schedule a massage that sounds much better.

Today the plan is a couple easy miles on the treadmill and week 1 day 2 of push ups  for me that looks like this:

Set 1 10
Set 2 12
Set 3 8
Set 4 8
Set 5 max (at least 12)

I am sticking with assited version as when I tried to do a real one, I was only able to move about 2 inches and it didn't feel like a push up - at some point I will move to real ones as I get stronger.

What's your day look like? Any workouts planned? Have you tried Justin's Nut Butter? If so whats your favorite flavor? Should a do a Giveawy for it?


  1. i wanna try it SOOOO bad but i'm too afraid because it's expensive! an i KNOW i'll get additced. dangerous!

  2. I did 10,12, 7,7,7 sissy push-ups and 30 minutes of step today...I dunno if I will make 100 in 6 weeks, but I'm gonna try!

  3. @MissyMcM - I might not make 100 either but I think I will better then where I started and that is what is important.

  4. I have to try this! SOunds amazing and I am a huge nut butter fan!

  5. i am going to start the pushup challenge today. 100 sounds really intimidating, but we'll see I guess :)

  6. I'm sorry I'm too distracted by the Justin's to comment on your pushups....heaven in a jar!

  7. Since I went gluten free I can eat nuts again (all off my food allergies have gone away since going GF). Giveaway, giveaway, giveaway!