Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dear Weather Gods,

I just have 3 request today:
1. Please don't let it rain on Sunday
2. Please don't let it rain on Sunday
3. Please don't let it rain on Sunday

Do you not realize that I am running my first ever half marthon, I am running 13.1 miles for the first time in my life and I would like to NOT do it in rain! Please oh, please I won't ask for anything else if you just grant me this one wish! Oh and do you see humidity at 72% - this is going to be one sticky day!


  1. LOL! I second this motion. I ran the Portland Half while it poured rain all over me. I'd rather not repeat it. Here's to great weather come Sunday! Godd luck at your half!!!!!

  2. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed. I did my first 5K in the rain and had never run in it before and it wasn't as bad as expected althought 21K is a lot more than 5K.

  3. I'm praying to the weather gods for you as well now...who needs the rain when one runs your first half marathon!!

  4. I hope it doesn't rain...for your sake.

    Last Sunday I ran my 2nd half marathon in the fact, the wind was worse than the rain. AND they paused the race, mid race AND they shortened the course. Boo to that.

  5. Hi! New follower! I am so excited for you to be running your first half marathon. I did my first last summer. Praying for great weather for you!

  6. Thanks everyone for the good weather thoughs! WA can suprise us with beautiful days os I hope this one turns out great!

    Welcom Christy - its great to have new followers.