Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CEP Compression Shorts

Remember how I mentioned I won a blog contest a while back from  Endurance Isn't Only Physical and my prize was a pair of CEP Compression Shorts well I have finally tried them twice.

Out of my two runs I have learned - these shorts are amazing. They are the compression I have wanted. I feel so secure when running. The come down to my knees and actually come up over my belly button so I have this almost like full corset support when running. It actually feels heavenly.

I know that I do not do these shorts justice, but I will aspire to make the potential that they have. A little information from the CEP Website about them - the explain it so much better than I do:
The CEP Compression Tri Shorts represents a unique new version of what you've known as triathlon racing apparel. The shorts feature a compressive knit in the leg section which absorbs less than 3% moisture and dries very quickly. Constructed with an upper and lower section, the compression Tri shorts offer an incredible amount of compression for the quads and hamstrings for a truly new experience in muscle oscillation dampening.
Simply put, your muscle are free to perform the task at hand without flying all over the place, wasting energy and increasing fatigue. The upper, or brief section, is made with POWER material which offers additional support for the buttocks and hip flexors without causing discomfort in the aero position. 3-D fit further promotes muscle support and as close to a perfect fit as you are going to find. Rear ventilation mesh panels and a secure rear pocket for personal items. Forget what you thought you knew about top notch triathlon racing apparel. The CEP Compression Tri Shorts will open your eyes to an exciting new world of PR's and race finishes.
Features:Secure back pocket
Elastic waist band
Flat seams
3D Fit with Ventalation Panels in the back
Compressive legs, no gripper needed

I am absolutely thrilled that I won this blog giveaway and had the chance to try a product I probably would have deemed myself not worthy to try. They are amazing and as I said look forward to using to help me reach my potential. You might think it’s strange that I have only worn them twice and have fallen in love, but you know when you find a good thing you just know.

Check out their website CEP Compression and their Facebook to see all the amazing products. I know I have my wish list started but do I go for black or white socks  - I am not brave enough to rock the hot pink or green.


  1. Black AND white! The CEP compression socks are the best.

  2. I've never worn the compression shorts, but I have two pairs of the socks and they rule.

  3. I've always wanted to try compression shorts. That is great that you won them! And glad you liked them.

  4. I never thought I would like compression shorts, but I've tried them in the last few months, and LOVE them. They really do make a difference (at least for me). In fact, I splurged and bought a pair of CW-X capris, and they are AMAZING! So great that you won this!!