Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Recap

Happy May Day! I cannot believe that April is over, I used to love the month of April, but this month  - not so much.

I should already be in bed tonight, but I need to get my April recap done or I don't think it will get done anytime soon. Let's see, let's see how did I do in April:

- longest Run 11 miles, was supposed to be 12
- total Miles 77, up 11 miles from March
- lost a few lbs - done and done, and more to come
- pace still slow and steady, but I am improving slowly
- completed 11 weeks of half marathon training

Overall a productive month. A few things I would change but not much I can do about that now. My goal now is to cross the finish line in one week.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Did you do anything fun? I got 5.25 miles in tonight on the treadmill, this was after spending  2 hours walking around the zoo with my husband and daughter. The weather was beautiful in Seattle and I think I may gotten a little sun on my shoulders. I am not complaining, I just wish it would stick around longer then one day.


  1. I think you had a great month! And you will definitely finish next week!

  2. what a great month :) Happy May!