This time I was on the look out for the photographers and even if I was completely struggling I put a smile on my face. The three things that I learned from these photos are:

1. I loved my outfit - loved it!
2. I am not hating my thighs, the are looking leaner
3. I need an arm workout STAT! All suggestions welcomed

Mile 3

Mile 9 (I think)

Mile 11
When I saw the end in sight, but didn't see the giant hill they were going to send us up.
Told the photographer I was half crazy for doing this.....then saw the hill and said - I hate Kirkland (the city we were running in)

Mile 13 Running with Evie to the finish line

I am pleasantly surprised with these photos! I actually like, but in all seriousness I need arm suggestions - what do you do to get your arms lean and sleek. I have a gym membership, but I also have bands and dumbbells at home.

What is your go to arm move? Have you ever done the 100 push up plan? Did you like it?