Friday, April 15, 2011

What not to do

Do you want to know what not do the night before your official weekly weigh in.......well that would be go to Red Robin and eat chicken stripes and french fries with the family. Some days I just can't resist the good 'ole fried chicken strip. I was even good and only ate two, but I can tell all the grease and fried part has impacted my weigh in this morning and for that reason I will not be sharing. Let's just say I have some hard work ahead of me to get to my next goal of entering the world of having a one at the front of my weight. I am so close. With that said I need to really focus and reach this goal - I am at the point where I usually fail and gain back 15lbs and start the struggle all over again. 

Yesterday was a cross train day - the first part of that is walking the steps at work. I go up and down 5 flights 3 times. My inner dialogue:

First time up - just give up who cares
Second time up - really you are doing this again, really.
Third time - You know it would be more entertaining if they decorated the stairwells...hmmmm what could I do.

The second time I tackled the stairs all three trips up I was planning how I would decorate the stair walls to make it more enjoyable. I am not sure my work would appreciate my design, but its so boring looking at  white walls for 5 flights. 

Last night I need to get some more leg work in so I turned on a recorded show and proceeded to torture myself with a variety of lunges squats, wall squats, regular squats, knee ups, chair dips and ab work!

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I will be running my first official 10K this weekend the  Bellevue Run. Do you have any runs planned fr the weekend?

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