Thursday, April 21, 2011

This week

This week is not going as planned and I am trying to recover but I am just emotionally drained and don't know if I can.

Yesterday the plan was simple - take my daughter to the dentist, take her to preschool, run, relax and do my thing. Instead things happened and I didn't get to run until 8PM last night. By that time I was emotionally drained and my body just didn't want to move. I told myself 20 minutes, but ended up walking for 60. I am frustrated by my lack of commitment but my body just wouldn't move it.

Last night I was attempting to do my Jelly Bean Virtual 10K and ended up with a 5K. You can tell by my before photo that I am totally not into it. My half is in 16 days and I feel like I need to get a few more long runs in.

Things I still need to complete this week for my training -
Run - 2x  - Since I only got 4 miles in yesterday I need more mileage.
Stairs - 2x - I have to do this today.
Cross Train - 1x

I have no idea how I am going to accomplish that! Something is going to have to give.


  1. AT LEAST you ran. You did it and you can keep going! Good luck!

  2. I was just thinking yesterday... I need to start adding in some stair-training. How long do you do stairs for?

  3. I actually walk up our stiars at work which are 5 flights x3 - takes just under 10 minutes. I do this 2x a day. It makes my calfs burn!

  4. DUDE you got out the door, which is something. Most would have been like "LOL NO" and sat on the couch.

    ALSO I am a huge car nerd, is that an R32 behind you?!

  5. You got out and did it though. That is important! You will do great on your half.

  6. Jen....I so wish I could scoop you up & take you on a long run with me. :( I have feeling that "no more motivation" thing. It's so not fun. It usually hits me hardest when I'm worn out.

  7. 16 days to go? Try to do an 11 and a 12 miler and you will be fine on half marathon day. You've worked hard for this and you can and will do it!

    Bad runs are part of the journey, I bet your next one will be great.

  8. @ Chelsea - That is a VW Golf with an R32 bumper on it. :)

    Everyone - Thanks for the motivation - It really means a lot to have this online support system.