Sunday, April 3, 2011

Terrrible Ten

Thank you for all the wonderful birthday wish! One of my wonderful presents I received for my birthday is a Garmin 405CX, I had requested the 305 but my husband felt it was to big for my arm.  My husband and dad went in on it and we picked it up at Costco yesterday afternoon! After a lovely dinner I spent the rest of the evening setting up the Garmin.

Today we headed to Snohomish to drop the Evie off at the in laws. They live pretty close to the Centennial Trail so we had them drop us off at the trail. It was a cool day for a run and we had some headwind, but it was nice path. Everything started out well, I was able to take a potty break at parking lot along the path around mile 4, my knee was starting to bother me and my left arch was aching little. At mile 6 we stopped for some water and split a Cliff bar - the remaining 4 were really hard for me. I was tired and defiantly under fueled for the distance.  Besides the Cliff bar we had some jelly beans, but they were gone by mile 6. At mile 7 I told my husband, only 3 miles left I can do this. He decided to take off and go at race pace for a while and of course right before mile 8 I stumbled and rolled my right ankle. I was trying to stay on the end of the trail and my foot just slipped off the pavement and rolled. I was able to run a little more, so I was doing a run/walk, by mile 9.3 I was in a lot of pain with my knee and my rolled foot on the same leg I walked the remaining distance. My pace was a lot slower then I wanted it to be, I was hoping to keep a 12 minute pace. I will say this was a reality check for me. I knocked out 10 miles on the treadmill in 2 hours last week and felt great. This week outside it was tough, but it gave me a lot to work on in the weeks to come. My goal is to stay off the treadmill for my longer runs and get the miles done outside.

Distance - 10 miles
Time - 2:16:35
Pace - 13:20


  1. Outside you have to deal with weather conditions which you don't have on the treadmill. I prefer running outside a 100 times above the treadmill.

    Well done on your 10 miler!