Monday, April 4, 2011

Stairs = no fun

Some workouts I would actually put into the category as fun, walking stairs goes in to the no fun space. After reading Free Julie for a while I came to the realization that if she can walk stairs at work, that I could do the stairs also. I dislike stairs very much, but my building isn’t that tall only 5 floors.  With Julies help I figured out that Stairs + landing + Stairs equals 1 flight. This means that if I go down to the garage and all the way up to the 5th floor I will have walked 5 flights of stairs:

The first flight is a little short - 9 stairs + mid-landing + 9 stairs (18 stairs)
The remaining 4 are - 12 stairs + mid-landing + 12 stairs (24 stairs x4 = 96 stairs)
Total stairs going up 18+96 = 114 Stairs

On my lunch break today I went up and down them 2x, the second time I was out of breath when I reached the top.  Walking down is nice, it’s like a little recovery before you send yourself back up the stairs for more punishment.

This afternoon my work brought cake to celebrate April birthdays, since I was the only birthday who was I to refuse cake. So I swapped out my afternoon Greek Yogurt snack for chocolate cake. A few minutes after that I decided I should go walk the stairs, and this time I was going to time myself. I went up and down 2x in 5:41 – I guess I now I have my baseline for doing stairs at work. I don’t know if I will commit to everyday, but at least 2 -3 times a week.


  1. it amazes me how strong my legs are to run, but when it comes to stairs they hurt within just 4-5 and i'm out of breath!

  2. I have the same, I can run 11 miles by now but when I climbed the stairs at work (4) in the morning I'm tired when I'm up. I don't like climbing stairs either.

    You're right to take the cake, after all it was for your birthday.

  3. Yay, you!! Oh, stairs definitely suck, but they are great exercise and think of all the wonderful things you're doing for your butt. :)

    Plus, I like to think of it as a lazy girl's work out - it's hard, it's satisfying, and it only takes a few minutes. :)

    Thanks for the shout out!

  4. That's nice that you can take a little break at work and get some good exercise!

  5. Eeew! I hate stairs, too! This is the week I'm supposed to start in with the stair climber at the gym. I don't want to. lol