Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Queue Award Show Music

You know the music they use when they are trying to push you off the stage becuase your acceptance speak is going to long.

I feel honored to be such a new blogger and get called out by Run with Jess for the Stylish blogger Award.  You know that look that all pageant winners get when the find out that one, that look of disbelief yet absolute excitement….well that is me. Ok not really but you know you want to go practice your pageant winner reaction now!
Stylish Blogger Award rules:  Once awarded, you must share 7 random things about yourself, the more bizarre and random, the better from what I read.   Then of course, immediately give away the award by tagging other Stylish Bloggers. So here we go  lets see if I can even think of 7 things about myself. 
  • Dont tell anyone - but I really don’t like running, I do it because it is about the only workout that can make me sweat. I have challenged personal trainers in the past to make me sweat during the workout and I even then I was closing to passing out but not sweating.  I want to like it, I really do.
  • I have no spleen. It ruptured when I was in a car accident when I was 18.
  • I mostly wear dark colors, I think they years of being overweight have made me shy away from bright colors – although I do like accents like red shoes.
  • I hardly ever style my hair and I actually get compliments on it frequently. Not to boost my ego or anything, but I am lazy and if my hair is not in a ponytail then I let it dry naturally and I guess people like  - even though I think it looks messy.
  • I once gave up COFFEE for 6 months, but after a few weeks I quickly switched to Chai Tea Lattes – no I am madly in love with my Kuerig coffee maker. Not only did this help my pocket book, but it keeps me sane.  I am a coffee addict.
  • I hate Wal-Mart – I can’t get past their business ethics to shop at one – even if it means saving money. I have shopped there on 3-4 occasions only when there was no other option.
  • I am a loud person! My husband is always asking me to speak quitter or telling me I am loud. I don’t even notice it.
How do you pick other stylish bloggers that is tough! I have a long Blog Roll and try to check them out at least once a week if not more. They all give me different levels of motivation, encouragement and of course make me smile. To make it easier on my I am going to give a shout out to a few Pacific Northwest Bloggers - check them out.

    Don't forget to check out my I Feel Pretty Giveaway - ends April 15th!


    1. I can't live without my Keurig either! Must. Have. Coffee.

      Thanks for the shout-out!

    2. Aw, thanks for the shout out! My first blog award! :)

    3. we have a keurig at work and i love it!! try the green mountain brand wild blueberry!! it is wonderful! like drinking a blueberry muffin. helps with that sweet tooth craving too.

    4. Oh Wild Blueberry that sounds so good right now!

    5. Thanks for sending some PNW blog love my way, Jen!