Friday, April 8, 2011

Pot O'Gold

Thursday I found time to run outside. The plan was to run 6 miles, I have a out and back run that my husband named the Newport Express. I don't particular like the run as it has these rolling, slight inclines - I have determined I am a flat road runner. :) If only that would work for all runs.  I was about to my halfway mark when it started to rain, I wondered if I was going to get soaked and decided to turn around a little early since the weather has been so unpredictable in our area. Wednesday night it snowed.
About 10 minutes after I started to head back I saw this:

The end of the rainbow was pretty much pointing to my house! Ahh the Pot O'Gold, the sweet spot where I really wanted to be. I picked up my pace a little and headed for home.  I giggled as I was trying to force myself to run faster, as I just kept seeing the slogan "This IS my race pace", I have yet to establish a race pace, but I am trying to increase my speed without burning out to quickly.

Time - 1:15:39
Distance - 5.65
Pace - 13:47

In other news:
This weeks - Weekly Weigh In - was a little disappointing, I am up 1lb. I am going to blame that on the amazing birthday weekend I had last week. At the beginning of the week I was up much much more so I will take that one pound if I must. I am not going to recap my goals as next week I hope to drop this one pound plus a little more.

One last thing - check back later today for a new Giveaway!

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  1. Awesome run- a rainbow, seriously? Don't worry too much about the 1 lb. You WILL get it! Thanks so much for the inspiration to RUN!